One of my favorite blogs

…is about one of my favorite shows, Grey’s Anatomy.

Each week at Grey Matter, the person who wrote the episode that aired talks about the episode. It’s not so much, “we shot this on a Tuesday and we had pickles for lunch that day on the set…” although there is some of that behind-the-scenes stuff. It’s more about the characters, where they’re going, why the writer made the choices he/she did, and what the show is really about.

I love these kinds of blogs (or podcasts). Be it about television, books, movies or even technology. Not the ones that rehash a press release, but the ones that open up the thinking behind the final product. The final product of anything that is done as a collaborative effort is rarely anything like the original author intended. It doesn’t mean that it’s worse, just different. In the case of a television series, actors have their say, directors have their say, editors have their say. Even the way the makeup or wardrobe is done can change the message in subtle ways. On the Grey’s writers’ blog, all that outside “input” is stripped away and you’re left with very, very good writers telling a story of how and why they told a story. Awesome.


2 responses to “One of my favorite blogs”

  1. Sure, but did they explain why the heck we had two hours of Addison in California, why we spent so much time developing a whole bunch of new characters, and why, the next week, she’s back in Seattle like the previous two-hour show never took place?

    The best we can figure is that the Grey’s Anatomy people were trying to seed a spin-off with those other people in their own office, but it’s May and I haven’t seen any advertising for that “new” show.

  2. Erik, did you not know that it was a pilot test? I think I read this morning that ABC ordered full episodes of the spin-off, called “Private Practice.”