May Adobe Contribute CS3 die a slow and painful death

That was a fun way to spend an afternoon. Not.

I had a coupon to use in the Adobe Store. I already bought CS3, so I decided to use it for Contribute CS3 so I could use it as a blog editor. Biiiiiiigggg mistake. Last night, I tried to connect it to this blog and it spun forever at trying to download the theme style. I canceled the operation and thought that was that. Until I realized at 1 pm today that my site had been completely offline ever since! When all was said and done, I had to reinstall everything, including the theme content files. Thankfully, the database was fine so I was able to login to the admin interface, but the public-view site would not resolve at all.

Seems to be back now…if anything seems off, let me know.


2 responses to “May Adobe Contribute CS3 die a slow and painful death”

  1. Hmmm… got a plain-vanilla WordPress basic theme page when I clicked through from the feed in my reader, but now it’s showing up with the full, correct theme. Maybe I caught it as you were doing a refresh?

    Were you ever able to figure what the hell Contribute did to bork you so badly (or so well, depending on your perspective!)?


  2. I have no idea what happened.

    I tried getting things back in stages. First I trashed all the WP files and did a standard install/upgrade (to 2.1.3 while I was at it). That didn’t work. Then I tried switching the theme (since I could log in just fine, just couldn’t “view site”). That didn’t work. Finally, I deleted the entire wp-content folder, reinstalled from the default, made sure that was working then put back my customized theme and installed plug-ins. So something I dumped in there was corrupted, I guess. I was out for a while, came back and the vanilla theme was set. Not sure how that happened, I set it back so you probably visited in that time.

    That is so NOT COOL that Adobe Contribute CS3 does any kind of write action on files, instead of just reading from them. I am 100% sure that Contribute is to blame, since I was able to see back in my stat tracking application when the visits to the site stopped.