GrandCentral mobile

A couple of weeks ago, I moved my work phone number from Vonage to GrandCentral. So far, I am very impressed with the service. I’ve given out my GrandCentral number to some important non-work contacts, explaining that even though it’s in a different area code it’s a number that will find me wherever I am.

Yesterday, GrandCentral introduced a mobile version. Finally! Looks and works great in the Blackberry browser. In addition to visual voicemail that you can see and browse through, it has a click-to-call feature. Why would you want to use GrandCentral to place the call instead of your carrier? For starters, you can hit * in the middle of the call and seamlessly transfer the call to a landline. You can also record a call (which I haven’t tried yet). Also, if you call from GrandCentral, that’s the number that will show in their caller ID. I often have to explain when folks notice that my area code is in New Jersey when they thought I was calling from Virginia.

They are planning to introduce a feature that will let you forward your cell phone’s voicemail to GrandCentral. I can’t wait for that. I was trying CallWave, but I ended up turning that off. I really liked CallWave’s widget, but when I wasn’t near a computer it wasn’t as useful. GrandCentral is doing a great job of addressing this issue with their mobile interface.

At some point, they’ll also announce pricing for some of the premium services, such as click-to-call. It will be interesting to see if it will be a subscription plan (like Skype), or a per-call thing. I’m happy enough with GrandCentral so far that I would certainly consider a reasonable monthly fee.