Apple reality distortion field at it again

I’m thrilled to be back on the Mac fulltime and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But I’m back without the rose-colored glasses I used to wear.

I’m reading the reports that Apple is going to keep the software for iPhone and Apple TV up-to-date “free of charge” and that these updates will include new features and software.

“We are taking this bold step to leverage what we do best,” chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer said during a conference call with analysts and members of the media. He added that some of the new iPhone applications will be “entirely new applications.”

Oppenheimer offered few additional details on the two-pronged initiative, but implied that the new features and applications would be made available through automatic software updates to both iPhone and Apple TV.

Okay, I can see where this is news because it’s more typical that phone/mobile OS users stick with one version of the device’s operating system for the life of the phone. Sure, they may have incremental upgrades that add small new features or fix bugs, but nothing along the lines that Apple is promising. Plus, firmware updates are typically desktop downloads that require the user to wipe out the phone’s data and upload and are not for the technically weak-knee’d.

But…come on, people. Make sure you step away from the Kool-Aid. Do I need to remind anyone that the iPhone (and Apple TV) are closed systems? If I want to add new features, applications, skins or whatever to my Windows Mobile or Blackberry device, it’s a download away. Apple has been clear that the only applications and features that can be added to an iPhone are ones that either Apple has developed or Apple has sanctioned and you’ll have to deliver them to the phone through Apple. So how on earth is it a bold step that Apple is in effect saying, “Since we’re the only way you’re going to get new applications and functionality to your iPhone, we’re actually going to deliver them and not charge you above the $500 or so you spent to buy the phone and the outrageous monthly data fees you’re already paying Cingular The new AT&T.”? Gee, thanks.


One response to “Apple reality distortion field at it again”

  1. I agree! I am currently a Verizon wireless customer, and while I love their reliable service, I really dislike how locked down my phone is, and look on with envy at my friends’ Java enabled phones.

    But it’s sad to see someone like Apple, whose OS X is completely open to modification, release locked down products like Apple TV and the iPhone.