I've got to consolidate headphones

This is silly.

I’m on the phone a lot during the day. Some days, I’m on calls for 4-5 hours. I have a vtech cordless phone handset for my landline, with a basic Plantronics over-the-head microphone plugged into the 2.5mm port on its side. I don’t like clip-over-the-ear microphones at all.

Sometimes I get calls via Skype. When that happens, I have to quickly switch to a headphone/microphone on the computer, since the MacBook Pro’s built-in microphone makes a terrible whiney sound when used with Skype or iChat. Someone once told me it’s because notebook computers have the soundcard too close to the microphone. Or something like that. I don’t know why, all I know is that I can’t do Skype calls just by speaking towards the computer. Usually I take the call long enough to say, “wait a sec…have to switch microphones.”

If Eric is sharing my office…usually to hide from the kids, I’ll listen to my music and podcasts silently (and will ask him to do the same), so I have regular stereo headphones for that. My two microphone headsets have only one ear speaker.

I’m spending way too much time switching headphones, not to mention the mess of cable on my desk as the switching makes them all tangled with each other.

My dream: A landline phone with a cordless over-the-head stereo headset that works with either the phone or computer (via Bluetooth or USB dongle).