No Apple Leopard until October? Yawn.

So Leopard has slipped until October.


Sure, I planned to upgrade sooner rather than later. Some of the new features look pretty cool. But does the delay have significant impact on how I do what I do? No, not so much. Now, if last month Adobe announced that CS3 had slipped until the Fall, then I would have been throwing things around the room. I spend too much time in InDesign to put up with CS2 on this Intel Mac much longer.

So take your time Apple and get it right. In June, put every cent into the iPhone launch which is what you were going to do anyway. When that buzz starts dying down, then it will be time to upgrade the OS. With the beta copy the developers are getting in June that will take seconds to hit every P2P server, those who really, really, really want Leopard in June will have it anyway.

This will also eliminate most developers’ excuse not to test their applications in Leopard long before its release, making for (I hope) a much smoother upgrade process when it finally happens.