A Google laugh of the day

Download Squad points out that Google does indeed have a sense of humor.

Enter in a Google maps start and destination point that is separated by continents, and Google will provide directions. Right up to, and including, a 3,000+ km swim across the Atlantic Ocean!

I tried it for myself, entering in my hometown and Frankfurt, Germany which is where Eric’s next business trip will likely take him. The results are hysterical.


Google takes the time to direct me all the way to a Boston pier, because after all it would be really silly to just go east to the Jersey Shore and jump in, don’t you think?

They’re even nice enough to indicate the toll roads. That’s certainly something to take into consideration as I plan my 4,209 mile, 29 day and 12 hour journey. Yes, they obviously estimated just how long it would take to swim the 3,462 miles. Dying of exhaustion, exposure, starvation or shark bait not withstanding.

On the other hand, I tried a similar search in MS Live’s map application (Googling to find a real address in Frankfurt to use as an end point) I got this:

Live Search cannot find a route for the locations you entered. Ensure that your start and end locations are correct, and try again.

Oh, those Microsoft guys have no sense of adventure.


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