So much to blog about, so little time

Do you ever have so much to say, that it paralyzes you from saying anything at all? That’s what I’m dealing with now. So some quick hits, with the hope of more detail later if anyone cares…

  • C3 is moving! We signed a lease on new office space in old town Alexandria, VA. It’s very exciting for us to move from a couple of rooms in another non-profit’s office suite to a place of our very own. It’s not that far from a Metro and Amtrak stop (King Street, VA) and we are paying nearly the same for this space as we are for a couple of rooms in the District. It’s not huge, but we’ll have a conference room, big open workspace, and a comfy office for our Executive Director. We now have 4 employees, so it was more than time.
  • I am so happy that Anne is working for GigaOM fulltime, with most of her time devoted to Web Worker Daily. She is an amazing blogger and a pleasure to work with. I’m only jealous that she can focus on WWD now far more than I’m able to. April will be a much calmer month for me and I can go back to a more manageable blogging routine.
  • How crazy has this month been? Well, let’s see. Eric left for Skokie on Sunday, he came back on Monday. I left for DC on Tuesday morning, came back Wednesday night. Yesterday (Thursday afternoon), Eric left for Maryland to be with his parents as his dad had a heart procedure done today (he’s fine). He comes back tonight. Tomorrow, I’m catching a 9 am flight to Chicago as my friend Nancy (C3’s President) lost her mother to pancreatic cancer last week. The memorial service is tomorrow, and I really want to be there, both for my friendship with Nancy and to represent C3 and support her through this terrible time. I’ll be home Sunday afternoon. Eric leaves for Buffalo on Tuesday night, he’ll be back on Wednesday. Then I leave the following Sunday back to DC for our “Call on Congress” grassroots advocacy training and Lobby Day. That takes me to Wednesday, March 21 when I’ll head up to Baltimore for the National Dialogue for Action meeting (devoted to colorectal cancer prevention and screening) until Friday, March 23rd when I’ll head home. I think life is blissfully calm for a few weeks after that.
  • I think I’m ready to upgrade to WordPress 2.1.2, just have to find the hours to do it.
  • I really like Google Reader. I switched to it just to see if I liked it better. I do. I find that I’m far more efficient with my feed reading now that I don’t have to open a separate application. Note to NewsGator: lay off the ajax until you can make the web experience faster. No one likes looking at a blank screen while you wait for a page to load.
  • Some good stuff coming from in the Spring ’07 release in a couple of weeks. I smile every time one of our folks say, “How was I supposed to know? It wasn’t in Salesforce!”
  • I touched Vista for the first time a couple of days ago. We had to buy a laptop for our new Policy & Grassroots Manager and it would have been more difficult to get it with XP than it was worth. I made sure to get him enough RAM and a video card that could handle it. It’s purty. I love the little preview in the taskbar and the integrated search. It’s certainly not something I want to deal with for myself anytime soon, but overall not that bad.
  • I went to a CancerCare awards dinner in Manhattan last week. S. Epatha Merkerson from Law & Order was the hostess. She is such a trip! Very funny, not at all like her character. She is a big advocate against lung cancer. She and I stopped smoking within weeks of each other 13+ years ago.

One response to “So much to blog about, so little time”

  1. I remember you were very busy, nice to ‘hear’ from you.

    Funny about Vista, how little interest I have in moving to it also. Nothing about it is enough to make me move. I think this is the first time I’ve had no interest in the new MS operating system. Maybe it’s a testament to XP being stable, or simply the known quantity, but the reviews about Vista haven’t been great and there is always the compatibility issue with any new OS and I’m not in the mood to find out what they are.