Bye Bye CompUSA

Too bad. When I needed something from a brick & mortar store, the Princeton CompUSA was usually my first stop. Still, the store is small and not usually that crowded, so it didn’t surprise me to see it on the cut list of closing stores.

According to ars technica:

The store closings come as part of CompUSA’s retrenchment strategy, and the company will be getting a massive cash infusion to the tune of $440 million once the closings have been completed. “Based on changing conditions in the consumer retail electronics market, the company identified the need to close and sell stores with low performance or nonstrategic, old store layouts, and locations faced with market saturation,” said CompUSA CEO Roman Ross.

Market saturation? In the same big box shopping center that the soon-to-be-former CompUSA lies (about 2 miles from my home) you can also find a BestBuy, Target, WalMart and Sam’s Club. Circuit City is about 1/2 a mile away. What market saturation? Ironically, the closest Apple Store is about 40 minutes away, but given that the local Mall is about to undergo a massive expansion, I’m sure that will be remedied soon.

I better get over to the CompUSA this week before it’s too late. They probably have some good deals. I could always use another external drive or USB hub. Can’t have too many of those.


One response to “Bye Bye CompUSA”

  1. I totally understand. I live in the Princeton Borough Area and I shocked to see multiple stores closing. There are closings in the Quaker bridge mall as well. I feel the commercial taxes are just too high in this area so we find stale boring stores only able to survive. By the way the compusa in prince nassau park had horrible customer service