Apple's new Airport Extreme Base Station – Day 1

I forgot to mention that our new Base Station arrived Thursday night.

So far, so good. Of course configuration was a breeze. You must install the software that comes on the CD. The Airport Utility included in 10.4 won’t work, which makes sense considering the new disk features. Tonight if I have the time (ha!) I’m going to attach the printer to it so Laini can print from her room. I had been sneaker-netting her homework to my computer via USB key.

In the meantime, it has been rock-solid stable as compared to the old RangeMax router. At first I was very disappointed at a noticeable speed drop, and then I remembered that I forgot to reset to the OpenDNS name server. Once I took care of that, the difference has been incredible. That settles for me once and for all whether the problem of slow resolving sites is with Comcast or the router. No drop outs, no loss of the wireless signal anywhere in the house. The Vonage adapter is behind the router, and call quality has been good to excellent. We’ll see what happens when Eric is back, but as of right now I’m happy.