Easier said than done this week.

Eric is in Andorra. He’s been gone for a week, one more week to go. I don’t handle the stress of single parenthood well.

Next month is colorectal cancer awareness month. We’re only one week into February and we’re getting quite busy with people wanting awareness materials and people talking to us about ideas and plans. We hired a new Office Manager, we’re in the home stretch of hiring our new Policy & Grassroots Manager, we just got back from our Research Advocate training in Orlando, Florida. We’re gearing up for our Grassroots Advocate training in Washington, DC next month. I just got our Spring 2007 newsletter to the printer. Eric and I are going to Charleston, South Carolina in two weeks for a colorectal cancer gala that C3 is sponsoring and I have no clue what I’m going to wear yet (it’s black tie). We’re close to signing a lease on new office space. One of my closest friends is losing her mother to pancreatic cancer…I doubt she’ll live until March. Tomorrow is the 8th anniversary of my Dad’s death. Laini’s birthday is next weekend and we’re having a birthday party for 10 for her, as well as Eric’s family will be here for it. I need to bring in treats so she can celebrate with her class. Eric is getting off the plane from Europe the day before. As he’s flying home, I’ll be sitting in a 3-hour appointment with a psychologist getting the results of a comprehensive evaluation he did on Laini over the past few weeks. And I have to get the fuzz that’s in my brain out long enough to think of interesting content for Web Worker Daily. Maybe tomorrow.

This week I watched American Idol (with the kids) and Grey’s Anatomy. Caught Heroes and Lost online. I read the newspaper once, and a magazine. Blogged, what? Twice? That’s the only solo “downtime” I’ve had all week until now, and it’s 11 pm on Friday night. I’ve been averaging around 5 hours a sleep a night. I know, not healthy.

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  1. Judi — feeling for you! As a single mom of two, I hear you. I hope you a. get to breathe (now, breathe), and b. get an hour for yourself somewhere soon! And do not hesitate to draw on us and the community here for ideas and support. I am thinking of you.


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