The New Apple AirPort Extreme

I’m tired of it. At least a few times a week, Eric shouts up from downstairs, “I lost the wireless again!” I’m in my office, connected via Ethernet to our Netgear WPN824 router. For no apparent reason, the @#$@% thing will completely lose its wifi. It’s not Comcast, since I can still work wired without a problem. It’s not Vonage, since I’ve switched the Vonage adapter to sit behind the router. It’s not a coverage issue, since it doesn’t matter if you’re 5 inches, 5 feet or 50 feet away. I’ve tried changing the channels. Nothing seems to work. The SSID disappears from all computers. It’s just the router being finicky. A few resets later, and the wifi is back until the next outtage.

So enough is enough…


Eric is out of the country next week (to Andorra this time) so having working wireless won’t be as important while he’s gone. Hopefully the new base station will be here by the time he gets back.

I could have purchased a much cheaper wireless router, but something tells me that this one will just work. Which is all I want.


One response to “The New Apple AirPort Extreme”

  1. Judi, I hope it works for you. The summer of 2005 I purchased a new G4 1.67 15″ PB and decided to get the extreme base station. I could only get a week signal two rooms away. The wireless on my IPAQ and a Thinkpad performed no better. I purchased 2 of the Express Base Stations to get coverage around the house but still frequently had problems. I finally asked at the local store what the problem was and was told that this was not unusal and other wireless router worked better and farther. I went to Staples and bought a Linksys and have had no problems at all. The fact that I had spent close to $400 to get Apple wireless so I could easily set it up from my Mac is a bit embarrassing. I guess higher education is expensive.