Debating WordPress 2.1

It’s out.

Decisions, decisions. Do I want to spend the time to upgrade now or wait?

On the one hand, upgrading WordPress can be a PITA. I learned that already. To do it right, you have to backup everything (not a big deal since I do that regularly anyway), disable all plugins, delete existing files, upload new files, run upgrade script, re-activate and test all plugins.

I have absolutely no idea if there are parts of my theme that won’t work. I did a search for “Proudly powered WordPress 2.1 Theme triSexuality Standard” to see if others with the same theme have upgraded successfully. There are a few. That’s a good sign. The direct link to the theme page now returns a 404 (page not found) which isn’t a good sign. I sent an email to the developer of the theme.

Why would I think about upgrading? Well, I have to work in for Web Worker Daily and there are some goodies there that are in WordPress 2.1 that are definitely worth having. And the supposed speed increases wouldn’t hurt. Most of my plugins are supported.

Not on the compatibility list include:

Not on the list because no one bothered to put them there, or because there’s a problem? Who knows.

Maybe I’ll wait for 2.1.1, or for more sites to upgrade and live to tell the tale.


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