Out of the Mouths of Babes

We’re in the midst of a complete psychosocial/educational evaluation with Laini. 12+ hours of talking and testing with a Psychologist that specializes in this stuff over the course of 4 days. He already observed her in school, now we’re doing the part in his office. We spent four hours there today. For those that haven’t been following along, my eldest daughter has some developmental delays. She’s bright, but has social and communication issues that will probably be diagnosed somewhere between PDD/high functioning Autism and NLD (non-verbal learning disorder). The last time we did a complete evaluation like this with her was when she was in Kindergarten. These evaluations are like roadmaps for us as we work with the school district on the best placement for her. Ridiculously expensive at nearly $4,000. Hopefully, our insurance will give some of it back.

The doctor asked Laini about her favorite subjects in school. She said she didn’t like social studies/history. I found that surprising. I pointed out to Laini that we talk about history all the time and she seems to enjoy it, and then explained to the doctor that we’re a rather political family so that’s usually a big topic of conversation. With that, my little 10 year-old volunteers, “Yeah, they talk about President Bozo a lot.” Note to self: remember that children are like tape recorders that will hit their “play back” button just when you don’t want them to. Luckily, I think the doctor agreed with the description and he laughed.

It was the day of the State of the Union that the topic of “President Bozo” came up. I slipped in saying it, and both kids caught me. I apologized for saying something mean about our Commander in Chief (yeah, right). Have to set the example, after all. Emily (age 8.5) piped up with, “That’s okay, Mom. You can say that thanks to the Bill of Rights.”

I just love it when they show me that they’re actually learning something in school!