This is why I really hate Microsoft LiveMeeting

I’m sitting here waiting for the GetActive/Convio client conference call to begin. It’s a LiveMeeting meeting. Oh, always joy. I try in Firefox. No can do. Not supported at all. On the Mac, the window recommends Safari as the only browser that works in OS X.

Fine, switch over to Safari. And then this…give me a break…


You are using Safari v419.3, a browser more recent than those tested with this version of Microsoft Office Live Meeting. If you encounter any problems using this browser with Microsoft Office Live Meeting, please try using Safari 1.0 (v85) through 1.2 (v125.1).

Please try using Safari 1.0 or 1.2?!? I can’t even imagine what a mess that would be to try and install under Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4) if it’s even possible at all. I’d love to see an error message that says, “You are using Windows XP, an operating system we don’t have a clue how to deal with. If you encounter any problems, please try using Windows 98.” Suuurreeee…I’ll do that and get right back to you.


2 responses to “This is why I really hate Microsoft LiveMeeting”

  1. Judy, I feel for you. I’ve recently started using Yugma’s free service at and have found it to be great. Easy to use, works well on both Mac and Windows (and in between), and best of all it’s free. They do have premium versions, but the free version let’s you invite up to 10 other people to your web sessions. It was a no brainer for me! Anyway, hope that is helpful to you

  2. Thanks, Paul. We have an Acrobat Connect Pro account and that suits us just fine. The problem is when you’re invited to someone else’s meeting and they don’t use a decent tool. No choice, really.