Three and a half minutes

This is why I do what I do now:

This is a preview of what will ultimately be a series of short videos that will lead to a full-length documentary on colon cancer. The writer/director is Tim Nelson, a colon cancer survivor who is recording his own journey with the disease.

The young, blonde woman who speaks in the film is Anne Brady Moore.


Anne is a treasure to C3. Anne is in her mid 20s and lost both her parents to cancer when she was a teenager. I met her a year ago at a conference, and we hit it off so well that if I wasn’t watching the clock I would have missed my train ride home. She has been very active in colon cancer advocacy in her home state of South Carolina, using her mother’s trust to establish programs that bring attention to the disease. Anne has been particularly focused on young people, getting them to know their own risk and to talk to their parents, as Anne and I both wish we knew enough to do before it was too late. She has lobbied with us in DC and next month C3 is a sponsor of a gala at the Citadel in Charleston, SC that Anne and two other women active in C3 have organized. The money will go directly to research, prevention and screening programs in South Carolina.

Watch the video, which C3 had absolutely nothing to do with producing, and you’ll hopefully begin to understand why this cause has taken over my life.