Thoughts on the iPhone

I “watched” the Apple keynote like almost everyone else, through a text stream on MacRumors. (Now watching the real thing)

It was an interesting to say the least. No mention of Leopard (OS X 10.5). No mention of .Mac, iLife or iWork. No update of any of the computers (especially the MacBook Pro, to my relief…it’s dangerous buying a computer in late November).

It was all about the set-top box and the iPhone. I read the text about Apple TV with half an eye. Not interested. I would much rather take my laptop to watch a movie than watch it on our old-style TV in the den. Now if this thing had the ability to record television, pause TV or even serve as a household file or printer server, then I’d be paying attention. I want something plug & play easy that’s platform independent and will serve as the technology hub of my home, connecting all the devices together. It’s not just about the media. I know it’s a pipe dream, but I’ll wait.

iphone.gifThat said, now on to the phone. When I was watching the keynote, I was in love. That interface is like crack. Gorgeous. Looks like hours and hours of fun. Let’s say for argument’s sake that I am sure that there is absolutely no better way on the planet to make a phone call or surf the web remotely. Then what? I use my phone to play games, take notes at meetings, read novels, make lists, etc. Will there be a 3rd party market for the iPhone? That’s a factor for me before I consider giving up my Cingular 8125.

Beyond that, it’s Cingular. Only Cingular for the foreseeable future. Erik is disappointed, and I don’t blame him. I’m okay with that since Cingular is my carrier, but I see trouble ahead with the data plans. As I pointed out in a post on Web Worker Daily, Cingular currently has 21 data plans. It’s confusing enough as it is to pick the right plan for the right phone. Chances are that Cingular will have a data plan for the iPhone that’s at least as expensive as the most expensive PDA plan and folks will be complaining that they can’t use the cheaper smartphone plan. What about people who only want to use the phone with wifi and don’t want a data plan at all?

All questions that will be debated ad nauseum between now and June when the phone ships.


One response to “Thoughts on the iPhone”

  1. I have to admit, I’m with you on this… AppleTV – eh. Fact they didn’t introduce new macs since I bought one in October – THANK YOU. iPhone – oOoOoooooooooo and then, oh. I don’t need the data stuff, I’m not in the US and, well, it’s months before they actually appear in peoples’ hands.

    Saying all that, it’s not like I -don’t- want one. I’m all about the hype. But I’m waiting for you to get one first, ’cause I trust your reviews! Heh.