Donald, You're Fired from my TV watching schedule

I saw a commercial for the new Los Angeles-based season of The Apprentice. The sound of Donald’s voice turned my stomach. Oh great, a new bunch of wannabes kissing his tush, “Please, Mr. Trump.” “Yes, Mr. Trump.” His public battle with Rosie O’Donnell was ridiculous. The guy has to go back to just being rich and misogynistic in private and get his ego knocked down a few pegs.

It’s not that I’m defending Rosie…her initial “attack” wasn’t quite warranted, even though she was right. I do like that she started as an everyday person and she still comes across that way. I think you have to respect the fact that whatever she has, she earned. Would Donald be “The Donald” without the start he got with family money? Rosie messes up sometimes, she’s insecure sometimes, she battles issues over her appearance. Don’t we all? Donald was a disast-ah through the whole stupid thing. Yeah, Rosie insulted him. On her show. On her blog. You’re a billionaire Donald, get over it. Donald went on every media platform that would have him to blast her. He only ended up looking like a buffoon.

I like what Mark Cuban had to say about the whole deal.

Donald, let me just tell you that its a whole lot easier to say whats on your mind on YOUR blog than have to freak out and call every talk show in America ranting about Rosie. That is if your time is valuable.

My time is valuable so I won’t be watching The Apprentice this season.