Getting back in the work groove…not so easy

Is it just me, or did anyone else have trouble getting back in the swing of things today? Maybe it’s because it was a federal holiday due to President Ford’s funeral. I don’t know. I struggled to stay focused on the job. Our DC office is going through some renovations, so my colleagues weren’t as communicative as they normally are. I cleared the biggest tasks off my plate, but found it tough to attack projects that required more thought.

I did manage to get a post up at Web Worker Daily early this morning: Going Commando: Top 10 Things You’ll Need to Make it as a Web Worker.


2 responses to “Getting back in the work groove…not so easy”

  1. I had no trouble with the blog this morning, but getting up the energy to ride into the office and actually do something while I was there became a near insurmountable task. I think I should win some sort of award for how unproductive I was today, as long as its not a pink slip.

  2. I didn’t find any trouble in getting ready for the day, but I think others did, as my office was deserted! I should add that I’m a PhD research student, so we’re more flexible in when we’d like to come in!