Playing with WordPress

I spent some time yesterday with my new WordPress blog. Slowly, but surely I’m figuring things out.

I decided on a theme that I liked, Trisexuality Standard, by Scott Jarkoff.

I edited the style sheet so it went from this:

to something like this. I’m still playing with it. The end result may be this, something similar or something completely different. I kind of like where this is heading.

It doesn’t quite work in IE 7 yet (see screen shot on blog). I have no idea what it looks like in IE 6. I have to assume it has the same problems. I know what’s wrong…there’s a background image that repeats down the footer that’s not repeating in IE. But I haven’t quite worked out how to fix it yet. I am so in love with Firebug for understanding and working with HTML/CSS layouts. But without something similar for IE it’s much harder to troubleshoot those layout issues. I’ll get it eventually. If I don’t, it’s not completely horrible in IE as it is.

I’m having fun doing this given that I have no particular time table to keep to. If it takes me a week or it takes me 6 months to switch over, it really doesn’t matter.

I imported a bunch of entries just to have something to play with as I add in plug-ins, configure the style sheet and move things around.

I can see why folks are so high on WordPress. It’s fun to make a change and simply refresh the window to see it in action. Not having to rebuild pages is something that is very easy to get used to.


2 responses to “Playing with WordPress”

  1. I like this theme, and the way it is presented, here, on your site, so far. Lovely tones and contrasts, and it is easy to read, and not a strain on the eyes.

    I also like this theme, Trisexuality Standard, by Scott Jarkoff, and will incorporate it into a new site I will be designing in the next few weeks. I don’t use it in, fotografaire, my photography site.

  2. Thanks!!! I am having such a good time working in WordPress. The theme I picked and how I customized it is growing on me by the second. It feels like me, for better or worse. 😉