Is Farrah Fawcett actually trying to profit off of cancer?!?

I just picked this up on the Cancer Blog:

Now that Farrah Fawcett has successfully completed treatment for cancer, she is turning her attention to raising money for cancer research and cure.

Only available through her website is the Farrah Fawcett’s Fight the Fight T-shirt and Hoodie clothing line. The apparel, which she designed, reflects her personal motto, Fight the Fight, as she underwent treatment for cancer.

A portion of the profits from the Farrah Fawcett’s Fight the Fight T-shirts and Hoodies will be donated to the American Cancer Society. During an Entertainment Tonight interview, Fawcett said she is looking forward to getting back to work in the near future. Visit the official Farrah Fawcett website for more information about the Fight the Fight clothing line to benefit cancer research.

I don’t like this. I have nothing against the American Cancer Society. We work with many of their folks and it’s a fantastic organization. I’m also thrilled that Farrah Fawcett has come through treatment and has the urge to give back, talk about the cancer and help others. She isn’t the only beautiful woman to get cancer, but her celebrity puts her in a unique position compared to other survivors.

This is what’s sticking on me… “A portion of the profits from the Farrah Fawcett’s Fight the Fight…” A portion? How much? The site doesn’t say. It could be 50 cents out of every $40 t-shirt sold for all I know. If she wants to “fight the fight” then why not donate 100% of the proceeds to a cancer charity?

The message on the shirt is just “Fight the Fight” with Farrah’s picture. What fight? What’s the message here? That a celebrity can have a terrible disease and figure out how to profit off it in publicity and swag? I certainly hope not.


2 responses to “Is Farrah Fawcett actually trying to profit off of cancer?!?”

  1. The bitch is charging $45.00 now and is only saying it is going to cancer research – not specifying who exactly!

  2. Before accusing her, did you stop to think that she may have medical expenses to pay for? Who knows what her financial situation was and exactly how much was being donated. So sad that she was going through such an awful time in her life and being judged like this!