Network for Good charity badges

I love when people figure out easy ways that nonprofits can fundraise off the social web. Seriously, this is the time of year that we’re all thinking about giving back and what we’re grateful for in our lives. If I didn’t work for a nonprofit, I’d be doing this anyway…I’ve always been a bit of a compulsive do-gooder.

One really cool idea is Network for Good’s new charity badge widget. Personally at C3, we have an account with but that’s better suited for broader campaigns and it requires more steps (and the person has to set up a whole page for themselves). It’s a great tool, and it has its place, but widgets are so much easier to deal with.

Network for Good has also partnered with Yahoo!’s Network of Giving for a $50,000 matching grant to the organization that gets the most amount of unique donations through a badge. The amount doesn’t matter, they’re looking for the numbers here. So it would be awesome if you could take a moment and donate to C3 through the badge I’ve inserted on the left. To see a badge in action…take a look at Beth’s blog (which is where I first read about this).

I know that the bottom of the badge on my site is cut off. It’s a beta. I have no idea why. I reported it on the Charity Badge blog, so we’ll see if I can fix that anytime soon.

Let’s see if the whole thing shows up here (nope, still cut off). Note: instead of the original iFrame, the image below is just an image so it will show in the RSS feed. Click through to my site to see the live widget. The picture is of my parents, Chanukah 1998. Emily is in his lap and she was only about 4 months old. She’s 8 now. It’s one of very few pictures I have of Emily and my Dad together since he was already sick when she was born and he didn’t have a lot of opportunity to hold her. He died about 2 months after this picture was taken.


When you click on the “Donate” button, it takes you to a very easy screen to make your donation. Network for Good sends the charity a check.


If you want to know more about C3 and what we’re doing in the fight against colorectal cancer, visit the organization website or just ask me!


2 responses to “Network for Good charity badges”

  1. I don’t think they accept PAYPAL do they? I would like to suggest accepting PAYPAL also. There are many businesses and charities I would do more with if PAYPAL was a payment option.

    I would also like to suggest that all businesses and organization who take money would put the accepted forms of payment very early on their sites’ pages and not until you’re in the checkout line. Many times I have not bought or donated because I didn’t want to put it on a credit card, tax deduction or not.



  2. Thanks for the feedback. I don’t have any control over the Network for Good site, but for C3 we take Discover, MasterCard and Visa through our merchant account which is processed through GetActive. But I’ll look into doing a page specific to PayPal, and I’ll add the payment types to the main donation landing page (currently you have to click through to the form to see it).

    Thanks, again.