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I hope folks over here don’t mind that I may just point over there from here time to time…no use retyping the wheel.

Jot This Down! An Overview of Popular Note-Taking Applications – what started as a look at using a Wacom tablet in note-taking evolved as I was prepping it into an overview of the available tools for throw-away note-taking on both Mac OS X and Windows XP. Would you believe that something I wrote got to the front page of digg for the second time in a week? I don’t, but it’s true. It doesn’t hurt that Kevin Rose himself was the one who submitted the story. My entry is a starting point, the real value is in the comments…some really great stuff recommended by WWD readers, some of which I’ll definitely be trying out. I’ve always been afraid of the Digg-effect, not because it would crash my host server but because the comments can be unnecessarily cruel. So far, I’ve been lucky and everyone has been nice. Thanks. 🙂

The Revolution Won’t be Phoned Home – the web worker will be the early adopter in the new era of mobile communications.

Checking Your Technology Batteries – about making sure that if you’re not online, you’re not out of luck in getting to work.

A review of Midnight Inbox – a GTD application for Mac OS X. Wait for version 2.0.

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