If You Spend All Your Time in the Ocean, Everyone Will Look Like a Fish

The blogosphere is all over the fact that Time Magazine proclaimed “You” (as in YouTube, as in You the People) as their “Person of the Year.”

Time may say that it’s “You” but they’re really giving the glory to the media and technology that makes “You” think you’re special.

I like Jeff Jarvis’ take:

Well, I suppose I should give Time some credit for recognizing the power of the people. Only thing is, there’s no news here. This is nothing new. We have always been in charge. It’s just that the people who thought they had the power now have no choice to but hear us and recognize that we are, and always have been, the boss.

I’m fine with the concept…but the cover? Sheesh:

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We are on the cusp. We don’t have it figured out yet. It’s a little premature for the back-slapping and high-fives, don’t you think?