Waitin' for betas: I can be patient, really I can!

It’s 5 am on Adobe time…what’s taking so long? 😉 Isn’t this “in the early hours Pacific Standard Time on December 15″?

Seriously, here’s a sneak peek from the good folks at CreativePro. Looks good.

As part of our testing we’ve been using PC and Macintosh systems, both with Intel Core2 Duo processors. The beta’s performance is strong on both platforms. Most noticeable is the huge speed improvement between Photoshop CS3 running on an Intel-based Macintosh and Photoshop CS2 running on the same system. Before Photoshop CS3, the Intel based Macintosh computers had to interpret the software so that it could run on these new computers, as Photoshop CS2 was not made for the Intel processors.

Oh, and there’s some neat-looking features in there too… I like Smart Filters and the new control over converting to black & white.

Better screen shots are here.

Update: Here it is! It’s installed and I’ll blog more about it later. Quickly: the speed difference is INCREDIBLE!!!! Mere blog words can’t describe the difference. First thing I did was click back and forth between the Finder and Photoshop CS 3 just to enjoy how instant the response was. 🙂

Update again: Link above is correct. Thanks, Victoria!


2 responses to “Waitin' for betas: I can be patient, really I can!”

  1. Oh that is so embarrassing. 😉 That’s what I get for copy/paste without checking first.

    It’s correct now, thanks again Victoria! Page is loading slowly but it’s worth the wait.