What's another $106 between friends?

Ugh. Tonight I spent over 2 hours completely reconfiguring my office space, now that the G5 CPU is out the picture. The goal was to be able to use my 23″ Cinema HD Display as a dual monitor next to the MacBook Pro, untangle the mess of cable running everywhere and have easiler and more logical access to my peripheral devices. Oh, and keep things ergonomic so I don’t kill my other shoulder, neck and wrist in the process.

I think I’m well on my way to achieving those goals. I still have one side of the “U” shaped desk to organize. When I’m done I’ll take a picture. MacBook Pro and Cinema Display are both eye level, without requiring me to tilt my head too far in either direction. Wacom tablet is in easy reach of my left hand, as opposed to before, when it was way off to the side so when I wanted to use it I had to balance it in my lap.

Only gotcha: I completely blanked on the fact that my 3+ year old Cinema Display has an Apple Display Connector and not a DVI connector. What does that mean? Well, it means that there’s no way to connect it to the MacBook Pro without a $99 plus tax adapter! Grrr. Grrr. Grrr. I’m not upset with Apple. If it was a brand new display and I needed a $100 adapter that would be one thing, but them’s the price you pay to use older technology with the new stuff. I guess I could get a new display that already has DVI or VGA and will work with the MBP out of the box, but I love this one. So easy on the eyes. There is absolutely no reason to let it go. $100 is worth it in order to keep it going.

I ordered the adapter from the local CompUSA with in-store pickup. I’ll go grab it tomorrow.