Have Mac, will travel…a little easier

Tonight is my last night away on a 5 night business trip. The first two nights were spent at a gorgeous beach house in Delaware with other C3 folks on our first strategic planning retreat. Then I stayed at a Club Quarters in downtown Washington, DC for two nights (only $129 per night, around the corner from the White House). Now I’m at the Westin Embassy Row for an all-day meeting tomorrow. More expensive, but this night is being paid by another organization.

I don’t know how I schlepped around that Dell all those other trips. Aside from the weight difference, the MacBook Pro is an all around better computer. It boots up in about a 10th of the time for starters.

I’m still getting to used to some of the limitations of Parallels. For example, I’ve learned that some applications don’t like working with files directly off of the shared folder. I have to copy the file to the Windows desktop first. I finally found out that in order to use a hotspot internet connection, like T-Mobile or in a hotel where you have to log in to a browser in order to get a connection, you have to set Parallels to shared networking instead of the default setting.