Windows Live Search for Mobile vs. Google Maps Mobile…it ain't even close

Sometime last week, MS released Windows Live Search for Mobile (beta). I’m down here in DC for a few days, so I gave it a try on my Cingular 8125. I had Google’s Java application for Google Maps installed before. Sorry, Google. This one clearly goes to Microsoft.

First, the Windows application is an application. Instead of a beasty Java midlet which runs painfully slow, it’s a stand-alone application that can be launched like any other and it only takes about 300K of space.

Once installed, the interface is well done.


Like the desktop browser version, when you drag a map around it redraws on the fly. Zooming is smooth, even on my underpowered phone connecting to the Internet via GPRS/EDGE.

Last night, I went to my sister-in-law’s home for dinner. I got out of the Metro stop and I completely forgot which direction I was supposed to walk. I pulled out my phone and launched the Windows Live app. I entered the address of the building in front of me as the start point, my SIL’s address as the end point and easily found my way. Google Maps was nice in theory, but the execution is nowhere near as good.


4 responses to “Windows Live Search for Mobile vs. Google Maps Mobile…it ain't even close”

  1. google maps works on Nokia. Rim. SonyEricsson. Microsoft live works on Windows. and Google’s only slow on the Windows devices, where java is crippleware. works fantastic on a blackberry.

    Sorry, have to call Google FTW for being crossplatform and open.

  2. I only have a Windows Mobile device, so while I can appreciate that Google runs on multiple platforms it doesn’t matter to me if the version for the platform I have is a dog.

  3. Just a quicky.

    For what it’s worth, I find that Micro$oft always makes sure nothing runs as well as its own apps on its PC/devices. <sarcasm>But hey, I’m not saying they do it intentionally, it just seems to work out that way. Go figure!</sarcasm> 🙂

  4. Normally I would agree with that, Jeff, but…in this case, the reason why Microsoft’s application is so much better than Google’s is because Microsoft’s is an application. Google’s app isn’t designed for Windows Mobile, it’s a Java app that’s designed for any phone and happens to work on Windows Mobile devices.

    Google also makes an email application built on the same Java platform as the maps one, and the email one is not half bad. Still would have preferred a stand-alone application, but this will do.