Awesome looking Parallels update

Parallels has come out with a new beta.

There are a ton of new features to kick around. My favorites:

Resizable Main Window. Resize Parallels Desktop for Mac main window as you do with any other Mac application

Auto-Adjusting Screen Resolution. Your Windows auto-adjusts the screen resolution to the actual Main Window size.

Drag and Drop files and folders between Windows and Mac. A long awaited feature that lets you seamlessly drag and drop files and folders from Windows to Mac OS X and vice versa.

Coherency. Shows Windows applications as if they were Mac ones. Try it and enjoy best of both worlds truly at the same time. No more switching between Windows to Mac OS.

Improved graphic performance. Up to 50% on different applications.

Connect/disconnect USB devices schema improved. No more “wait 5-10 seconds” message on USB device connecting to Parallels Desktop for Mac.

Transparent mapping of Command-AZXCV key combinations. Now you can also use Mac copy/paste key combinations in Windows.

Must. Resist.

I’m out of town right now, and I won’t try the beta until I can get home, plug the MacBook Pro in my external drive and back everything up first.