Excellent customer service from Media Temple

My account has been a little flaky since I upgraded to the newgrid server. Nothing major, and nothing that wasn’t fixed in an hour or two. I had some trouble with my database, and mail has been spotty. When it lasted a while, I called or emailed and was given an update on the problem and when they expected to resolve it. And they did. I never got that upset about it.

Now I see this in my inbox:

Dear Judi,

Our records indicate that you recently opened up a support request related to an open incident, wide-spread problem, or known issue relating to (mt) Media Temple’s new (gs) Grid-Server system. We want to apologize for the inconveniences this may have caused you.

We are compensating you 2 months of service as a concession for the troubles we may have caused you and your site. No action is required on your part. In the next 24 hours this will appear in your account in the form of a credit.

We will be announcing GRID MASTER RELEASE (v.1.1), and version upgrade which fixed hundreds of bugs and will dramatically improve your overall experience with this system.

(mt) Media Temple wishes to thank you sincerely for your patience during the course of these incidents. We believe the (gs) Grid-Server is an amazing system with new technology that has only begun to reach its real potential. Please look forward to announcements in the next few days relating to our new master release.

Thank you again.
Best Regards,
(mt) Media Temple
Hosting Operations

Hello?!? This is what I’m talking about, people. Don’t whine to me about your problems and think because you’re getting honest I’m going to feel better. I have my own problems…I don’t care. But step up to the plate quickly, admit that there’s been a problem and why, compensate for any inconvenience and state clearly where you’re going from here. Features schmeatures…I’d rather you do what you do well, then do a whole lot of “eh.”

Of course, this entry took a while to publish because of database issues (I assume)…this bug-fix upgrade can’t happen soon enough.