A surreal sound

Here I am, typing this in Windows Live Writer on my brand new MacBook Pro! I’ve read all the reports, especially over the last couple of days, but until you actually hear that Windows startup chime coming from your very own machine with an Apple logo on it, it’s kind of hard to believe.

So far, so good. Windows XP Home installed in only 20 minutes or so. I like starting my new computers from scratch, so today I’ve had to configure two machines (the OS X side and the XP side). Still have a lot of configuring and tweaking to do, but InDesign CS2 opened a file that I was working on earlier without complaint. And right now, with not a lot installed on it, Parallels on this MacBook is running considerably faster than my Dell laptop. Let’s see what happens as I start adding in applications. Truth be told, there are some startup items I had before that won’t make it over here. Why run Skype in Windows when the Mac version does everything I need? As much as I love FeedDemon, I may give NetNewsWire a go again.

Only challenge has been the keyboard…it feels great, but it’s hard to jump from command- to control- and back again on the same machine!

Next up…Outlook. Then I can see about syncing my phone and setting up the printer.


3 responses to “A surreal sound”

  1. You could always hook up a USB keyboard. I know someone who does this. When using the laptop’s keyboard, it’s Windows, and the Mac is the USB keyboard. It helps the brain separate the two more easily.

    Or maybe you want to use them the other way, since the “fn” key gets in the way of “ctrl” sometimes. But you get the point.

  2. As much as I like NetNewsWire, it’s not a patch on FeedDemon. In fact, coming from FeedDemon to NNN, I found certain elements almost unusable (for one thing, there’s no option to mark the whole feed as read when you move to the next, iirc).

    The work Nick’s done on FeedDemon over the years is second to none.