How to lose 3 lbs. quickly

Ha, thought I’d be talking about Weight Watchers or something? Not quite.

I just purchased a MacBook Pro! I’ve been thinking about it ever since the new Intel Core 2 Duo versions were announced. Now feels like the right time. I bought it from MacConnection to take advantage of a $150 rebate (which expires on Thursday) and an extra rebate on Parallels which will make the software free. My organization has agreed to reimburse me for $2K of the purchase, which is what we spent on computers for other employees. The sale of my G5 in the short term and my Dell Inspiron eventally should more than make up the difference.

I ordered this. MacBook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo, 15.4″ display, 2.33Ghz processor, 2GB RAM, 120 GB hard drive. Plus Parallels, of course.

Even though MacConnection is running a free shipping deal, I’m heading out of town on Friday and will be home next Wednesday night. It would be really, really nice to have a trim 5.6 lb. 15″ MacBook Pro on my shoulder instead of a 8+ lb. 17″ beast whose power supply brick weighs almost as much as the computer itself. So I paid the extra $23 for 2-day shipping.

Here at home, it will sit next to my 23″ Apple Cinema Display.

I still need to pick up a full copy of Windows XP. I can do that anywhere. And I will need to buy AppleCare at some point.

My plan is to immediately replace the G5. Most important there is Adobe Creative Suite 2. I know there have been some hiccups running the Adobe apps under Rosetta (Apple’s technology that lets older Mac applications that haven’t been optimized for Intel run on Intel Macs). Once that’s stable, the G5 is outta here. Anyone interested in making an offer on a dual 2Ghz G5 with 2 GB and a 160GB HD? Comment below (be sure to include your email address which will remain between us) and we’ll talk about it. It’s in excellent shape.

Then I’ll start migrating everything that I’m currently doing on the PC where the Mac has no real equivalent over to the Parallels environment…Windows Live Writer, Outlook 2003, Quicken/Quickbooks, EverNote, etc. When it gets to the point that dust is starting to settle on my Dell’s keyboard, the transition will be complete and I can sell off the Dell. Won’t be overnight, but I’m looking forward to being a one-Mac gal again.


2 responses to “How to lose 3 lbs. quickly”

  1. Judi, what/how are you going to migrate things to the new computer? Wondering what you’ve found that works best for you.



  2. My plan is to reinstall the applications and reset preferences by hand, if there’s no settings file to import. It takes longer, but there are less quirks.