The long nightmare is almost over

What nightmare? Single parenthood. Let me say this now to any and all single working mothers reading this…you rock! Give yourselves a big hug and high-five from me because you deserve it.

Eric left for Zurich, Switzerland on Monday, November 6th. According to Continental Airline’s website, his flight should be landing at 2:04 pm local time today. Allowing for time to get his luggage, go through Customs and get the car service home he should be walking in the door at around 4:30-5 pm give or take.

I love my children. I love spending time with them. It’s the juggling I can’t stand. It’s days like yesterday…I was at Emily’s school from 9-11 am as parents were invited to observe a class lesson on Astronomy (a lot of fun and really interesting), then home to work. I had a conference call from 4-5 pm, hung up from that and ran out the door. Since the girls go to different schools (K-3 grades here are separate from 4-5), they are at different after-school programs. First pick up Laini at her school, then get in the car and drive 2 miles to Emily’s school. Both kids in the car by 5:20 pm, and we head north for Princeton and Laini’s occupational therapist. Route 206 through Princeton is bumper to bumper, so we arrive at the therapist at 6 pm for a 5:45 appointment (I called ahead). Emily does her homework in the waiting room while Laini has her OT session. Luckily, Laini already did her homework at the after-school program. After the 45 minute OT session we grab a quick dinner at Quiznos, because who wants to go home and start cooking something at 7 pm? We get home shortly before 8 pm and both girls have to do their 30 minutes of daily reading. Laini then has to do her listening program which takes around 15 minutes. Then pajamas, brush teeth, hugs & kisses and sleep. It’s around 9 pm. Both girls have Hebrew School and Girl Scouts, neither is in any organized sports. This is not exactly what I would call “overscheduled.”

I am incredibly fortunate that when Eric is around, he is really here and present in his family life. If he were home, he’d be the one doing the evening OT shuffle with Laini while I picked Emily up and got dinner started. When I get a call from the school that I forgot to bring in some item, if Eric is here he’s usually more than happy to go run that errand. Sure, he’ll grumble…but I know he really doesn’t mind. I have checks piled up here because I haven’t had the time to run to the bank. Eric enjoys running errands. I don’t. He enjoys grocery shopping. I don’t. I do the cuddling, IEP stuff, teacher communication and meetings stuff. He does a great deal of the schlepping and running around. 90% of the time our weekends are family activities, rarely going in our own separate directions unless a kid has a birthday party.

Not to mention the fact that I really miss my best friend and partner on more than just parenting. Skype doesn’t cut it.

I am exhausted.


2 responses to “The long nightmare is almost over”

  1. It’s nice to read that kind of perspective on a husband for a change.

    Glad to hear you guys make such a great team – and that player 2 will be home soon!