Microsoft Voice Command 1.6

And here I thought MS all but abandoned this essential application for Windows Mobile devices. It had been such a long time in between upgrades.

But no, Microsoft Voice Command 1.6 is finally out. Interesting that there is no official information about it on Microsoft’s site…all you can find are links to the above Handango page. Maybe that’s why I thought they abandoned the technology.

Anyway, the big news is that it works over Bluetooth devices, although I haven’t tried it for that yet. So far, it does seem faster and a bit more stable on my Cingular 8125. Only $9.99 upgrade if you enter the email address you used on the original purchase.

Bad news? It’s still a RAM hog. Over 4MB of storage space and it must go to main memory, not a storage card. If you have a device without an easily accessible tactile keyboard, it’s a must-have, so no choice but to make room for it.

One more thing…this is one application that you must save the original download if you don’t buy Handango’s overpriced download protection. There’s no registration key. If you wipe out the file for any reason, you can’t grab another copy of the installer.