Entertaining ebay auctions

Out of curiousity, I’m skimming some of the Wii eBay auctions. I’d love to see some of these folks lose money on the deal, but that probably won’t happen for a couple of weeks. Free enterprise and all, and I so no reason to stop anyone who wants to make a buck by buying these things and flipping them on Ebay…but I’m also thinking of the kids disappointed they didn’t get a Wii today.

Anyway…file this one under “in your dreams, bud.”

A starting bid of $100,000 for a Wii and 2 games and the guy can’t even eat the $40 shipping charge? 😉

Or how about this one. Your starting bid of $14,000 may get you the ultimate “I resold it on eBay” starter package…5 60GB Sony Playstation 3s, 1 20GB version, 2 Wiis and 5 TMX Tickle Me Elmos.

Then again, it may pay off consdering that Playstation 3s are going for millions. Yeah, right. Some of the comments and feedback are hysterical to read. Like this guy who starts the bidding at $259,000 and includes pictures of his “beautiful daughters” that he wants to give a good holiday. When you put it that way…where’s my checkbook?