Skype is very cool

As I posted last night, Eric is in Zurich, Switzerland. He left last night and he’ll be there until November 23rd.

Skype finally has video for the Mac version. I’m using the PC version. We just had a nice little chat that didn’t cost anyone anything, saving his employer the $10 or so it would cost for that 5 minute phone call home. The sound was slightly out of sync, but the picture quality was pretty good. He’s using an iSight, I’m using a decent Logitech webcam.

I’m still not thrilled that my hubby is 4000 miles away right now. But seeing that little Skype icon and being able to talk about mundane matters helps during the little daylight overlap that we have (he’s 6 hours ahead).

Of course, there’s no good way to find out that someone at Continental Airlines swiped his camera (Canon PowerShot SD550) out of his luggage. He knows he packed it. The charger is missing too. He’s kicking himself for not putting it in his carry-on, but the bag couldn’t hold even one more thing. He’s filing a claim with the airline, but there’s zilch chance of getting anything, I’m sure.