Battening down the hatches for IE7

Is tomorrow the day that I’m suddenly going to have IE7 pushed to me? Yes, I know I can always say no or maybe even block it. But just in case, tonight I submitted the C3 payroll through ADP and did all the updates to the CT website that I needed to do (boy do I hate that CMS). Those are the only two sites that I absolutely have to use IE6+. If anything breaks, I’ll have some time now to figure it out.

Speak of which, last weekend we were in Manhattan and we just happened to navigate ourselves towards the Apple Store on 5th Avenue. Eric hadn’t been there before. I had one reason to check it out…I wanted to see if they had any MacBook Pros running Parallels or Boot Camp. No, they didn’t…but they did have one, single iMac running Parallels. I patiently waited my turn for it and gave the environment a little spin. It was very easy to use, and felt quite responsive. I’m being realistic, any fresh install of an operating system feels blazing until you start loading stuff into it. This install only had Symantec anti-virus installed. I fired up IE and made an edit to the CT site without a problem (not like I was going to submit payroll from the Apple Store). It’ll do.

I’m not making any major purchases for a while. Recently the IRS hit us for a sizable bite from that disastrous 2004 we had. And as I type, Eric is on his way to Zurich (yes, Switzerland) for a 2.5 week business trip. So all I’m looking to do in November is survive single parenthood with my sanity in place. Anyone taking bets? 😉


2 responses to “Battening down the hatches for IE7”

  1. Judi, I read your blog every now and again. For someone who consistently supports Democrats and liberalism, and therefore a person who supports a more expansive government, I find it interesting that you only now in 2006 are paying taxes you owed in 2004. If you love the government so much, why didn’t you pay on time like the rest of us? Another liberal pushing bigger government and higher taxes who doesn’t pay those taxes herself. And another liberal who thinks the law should only apply to everybody else. Sheesh.

  2. Whoa. Kyle, you are way off base.

    We paid our taxes from 2004. On time. Truthfully, because Eric lost his job that year and we had to liquidate some assets in order to survive, we paid more in taxes for 2004 than the average person (myself included) makes in a year. The part we had to pay now was due to a inadvertent mistake on our part which the IRS computers caught, we were notified, we paid. On time. With interest.

    And don’t get me started on “bigger government = liberal” garbage. That’s an old tune that no longer applies. That stopped being a viable catch-phrase as soon as conservatives decided that the government had any business in my bedroom.

    And for the record, I consider myself more of a Libertarian than a Liberal. I think government should only be big enough to allow people to make up their own minds with all options open to them.

    I know it’s really easy, especially on election day, to take my history of thinking that Bush is evil and put me in a black or white box because of it. But often life, like a tax return in a complicated out-of-the-norm year, is not that simple. Sheesh, yourself.