Mobile cleanup

I like my Cingular 8125, but boy does its lack of power does have a drain, no pun intended, on what you can put on it.

I cleaned up some of the files/applications this weekend…the performance was dragging down. Time to make the phone useful again.

As cool as the idea of emoze was, I had to uninstall it. Yes, it did drain the battery terribly…but worse it slowed the device to a crawl. Too much overhead to run constantly. Oh well. It was a nice idea while it lasted.

I like TenGo. I am typing a comfortable 40 wpm with it now. Sure, that’s with a sentence that I’m doing over and over again for the challenge, but my natural typing speed isn’t far off that mark. Makes taking notes on a handheld almost fun.

Also said goodbye to FlexMail and Newsgator Go! I don’t even know why I still had them installed. Demos likely expired.

I did add in the new Gmail mobile client. So far, mixed feelings. It looks prettier, and it’s easier to navigate than logging in through, but a few times I’ve had to soft reboot my phone after checking email because the screen locked up. Looks like Java is just a quirky on a handheld as it is on the desktop, at least this one.