Pretty cool PocketPC text entry

I found this on an old post at Download Squad.

TenGo is an alternate input method for PocketPC. Yes, my Cingular 8125 has a slide-out keyboard. But can I be honest with you? I don’t use it all that often anymore. Don’t laugh, but it depends on how long my thumb nails are. If they’re short I can move quickly with the side of my fingers. But if I have a bit of a nail, the clicking is awkward…almost painful.

When I had an Axim, I got reasonably fast at the “Letter Recognizer” setting on the silkscreen and that’s what I typically use to draw out my letters (similar to the old Palm Grafitti). Not ideal, but it works for the most part.

I’ve tried different keyboard applications over the years and never found them to be much better than what I was already doing.

TenGo shows promise.

The QWERTY keyboard is divided up into six zones. You click the zone where the letter you want is. It’s faster, because you’re not searching for a tiny target. If you want the “a” but your stylus lands on the “d” it’s still fine. As a matter of fact, not hitting the letter at all and keeping the stylus towards the center area means less movement and faster typing. The software uses its dictionary to guess the word you want based on the combination. Phones use this all the time.

I’m trying the $25 software out now, and so far…not bad. I’m typing at least as fast on it as I do in “Letter Recognizer” mode within minimal practice. As I get better at it, my speed can only improve. It will also help as more of the words I use are added to its dictionary (you can scratch over letter-by-letter for words that its dictionary doesn’t have in order to add it).

Hey, maybe I’ll even get to the point that I can enter the TenGo Challenge. They’re trying to find users who can type at least 50 WPM with this thing.


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