Rush vs. Fox

I’m sure you already heard about this…Rush Limbaugh accused Michael J. Fox of “acting” or exaggerating his Parkinson’s symptoms in a political ad.

Come on…from what I know about Parkinson’s, it’s a progressive disease. Patients have good days, and they have bad days. With or without medication. I don’t think Fox “exaggerated” the effects of Parkinson’s. I just don’t think he did anything at all to control them. Big difference. That is likely the Michael J. Fox that his wife and kids live with every day. It’s hard to watch. That’s the point.

Right now, the people who are yelling the loudest at Limbaugh are probably the Talent supporters in Missouri. That ad has paid for itself 1000 times over in free airings all over the country. I wonder if news stations in Missouri have to air extra Talent ads for free to make up for it? I think they do.