new bookmark add-on for Firefox

The good folks at Yahoo have come up with a great new extension/add-on for Firefox.

It’s called Delicious Bookmarks.

What makes it different/better than the old extension?

This one fully incorporates into your Firefox local bookmarks. In fact, it replaces it completely. The old version was more of a tack-on that gave you easier access to the site, but left the internal workings of Firefox alone. This one digs deep. I’ve fiddled with other systems in the past, no other comes close. I wouldn’t use it unless like me, you have totally turned your URL-keeping life over to and you’re willing to go all the way.

You can go here to read about all the features.

I want to highlight one feature that, for me, made it worth the download…the new toolbar.

I had a lot of bookmarks in my toolbar. I kept 99% of my bookmarks in and only the stuff that I had to get to quickly every day stayed in Firefox.

With the new extension, you can set up favorite tags to appear in the toolbar…and it doesn’t have to be just one tag! You add tags to this menu and can rotate through them with a click of the menu. So I was able to separate my most-accessed bookmarks by function (keeping private ones private) and now I can get at them easily without going to the edge of the toolbar to select from an overflow list.


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