New MacBook Pros are configured the right way, right out of the box

As hoped, Apple has announced new MacBook Pros with Intel Core 2 Duo processors. Sweet. Very tempting. Only 5.6 lbs. for the model I’m drooling over (the 15″ 2.33 GHz one). Just have to somehow justify the $2,500 cost right now…not possible. Maybe in a few months or when something on my G5 goes boom.

But check out that default memory configuration…2 GB RAM and 120 GB hard drive!! Wow. No one else is doing that. I went to customize the selection just to see how much I was really talking about, and there’s nothing I’d really change. Maybe an extra $200 for the larger hard drive (to allow for the part I will have to wall off for Windows) and definitely $349 for AppleCare (but I don’t have to buy that on day 1). I mean, look at Dell’s top-of-the-line notebook. Such a deal at $2,299…but that’s for 1 GB RAM and a 60GB hard drive. 60 GB?!? Sheesh. I love when PC vendors present a sub $2,000 notebook…with 512MB RAM or a ridiculous too-small hard drive. Yeah, right. To match Apple’s mid-line MacBook Pro you have to be ready to spend around $3,400 with Dell and you don’t get the ability to run Mac OS X in addition to Windows.

Whatever gripes I’ve had against Apple over the years, I have to admit that they have been extremely smart and competitive in their notebook business line. Hard for many folks who are on the go to justify purchasing from most PC vendors. The “but I need to run Windows” argument is quickly going out the…um, window.

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