GetActive goes API!

This is awesome news.

GetActive Extensions, a series of product features and enhancements to support application and data integration, will allow GetActive clients to consolidate external activities and constituent information from a combination of web-based eCRM software and specialized third-party applications. 

Have I been noisy enough that is part of that mix? One can only pray.

Enabling nonprofit clients to leverage a wider range of engagement options while continuing to benefit from the integration features of GetActive, GetActive Extensions will include:

  • A growing library of integration APIs and web services to provide additional methods for storing and retrieving data from GetActive’s central online database, the Constituent Data Hub(TM), including tools for building “mash-ups” of third-party services such as Flickr and Google;
  • Enhanced product support for external constituent activities with a new series of flexible tools to track offline or online activities not processed by GetActive;
  • New tools within GetActive’s integrated Website Management module (WSM) to create online forms that capture user-contributed content, relate these activities to a constituent’s profile, and use the data to drive targeted, personalized outreach; and
  • An online forum for GetActive’s community of clients and technology solution partners to exchange ideas, code snippets, and best practices.

::sniff:: I love you, man.

Even if isn’t here, one has to hope that the API is flexible enough that a lot of my work will be done in getting the two to play nice.

In the meantime…off to futz with the Excel files.

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