Internet Explorer 7: What's the rush?

I know that Internet Explorer 7 is officially out, and even though I know that Windows Update will push it to me at some point, I just can’t bring myself to bother downloading it yet. I only use IE for a handful of sites that I need for work, and it’s the built-in rendering engine for FeedDemon. Other than that? Eh. I can wait.


2 responses to “Internet Explorer 7: What's the rush?”

  1. From what I’ve read, most people and especially organizations will wait also. Since integration testing will need to be performed to see how IE7 works with current apps, most companies are planning to just wait until Vista to do testing. This may not occur for another year as purchases have to budgeted for. During this time, FireFox will continue getting better. Downloads of FF, especially in corporate environments, have increased quite a bit compared to just a year ago as more and more companies are seeing the benefits of this incredible browser.

  2. IE7 already has one bug, and a computer tech at work told me how IE7 keeps trying to go to the MSN website as the home page even after you change it. We had to run a registry fix for that. Not sure how MS missed that. Yes, we will go to it eventually, after all our programs that use it tell us that they are compatible. Which bugs me; these companies whose programs we use knew IE7 was coming, they knew it was close, yet when it was released pretty much every one was not compatible with it. What were they waiting for? I have it on a separate pc at work – and there’s a toolbar that I can’t move-it’s on the same line as the tabbed option- so if you either want more space for more tabs, or turn the tab option off and want to move the toolbar on that same line to give you a little more screen space, you can’t move it.