A frakkin' addiction

How many heads are nodding right now, knowing exactly what I’m talking about by the subject line?

I haven’t listened to a single podcast this week. Every moment of background noise that I can spare has been devoted to Battlestar Galactica. How did it take this long for me to discover this fantastic show? It’s brutal and intense, but incredibly layered. Makes most of the “I wanna be the next Lost” that’s on television right now look ridiculous.

I heard of it, of course. I just never bothered watching. Last weekend, I downloaded the free recap episode off of iTunes. We had a long drive somewhere and I wanted something to pass some of the time (I wasn’t driving, duh!). I watched the 44 minute episode which covered the miniseries and both seasons and I was instantly hooked. I haven’t felt that much of a pull towards television since Buffy.

So around $70 in iTunes downloads later and I’m now up to episode 12 of Season 2. I want to finish watching all the shows this week. Was a little jarring to watch episode 2 of Season 3 last night without being entirely sure about how plot points got from there to here. Like I had no idea that Chief was with Callie. Last I saw the Chief was still smarting over losing Sharon-the-Cylon to Helo, and Callie was obviously pining over the Chief, but from the background. And just how much time has elapsed from Season 2 to Season 3 that everyone looks so much older?

I remember watching one, maybe two episodes of the original Lorne Greene series. So I have no strong feelings about how this “rethinking” of the original series compares. Therefore, I can say that my favorite character is Kara Thrace, aka Starbuck. I love the actress and how she can move from tough to vulnerable in a single moment. I love how complex she is, as are all the characters. They live and breathe. Their decisions are both heroic and flawed, often at the same time. They didn’t start existing when the miniseries started. They didn’t get backstory when the writers decided to say so.


2 responses to “A frakkin' addiction”

  1. You know, I read this three times before I caught the subject line. I’ve used ‘frak’ since the 80’s when the first version ran. And with kids I use frak and frell (Farscape, which I totally love) because if they parrot you….doesn’t much matter.

    (We won’t discuss the five year old yeling “You BASTARD” at a video game the other day. Really, we won’t. Need to teach him ‘nerf herder’.)