Thank you, Dreamhost!

Never thought I’d be saying those words again, huh?

I’m leaving because of they way their support ticket system works (or doesn’t) during a site outage, and that hasn’t appeared to change. It’s not that.

So why the thank you?

Check this out:

This is just a note to let everybody know we’ll be switching our charities tomorrow.. so today is your last chance to donate to the WWF and/or the Colorectal Cancer Coalition via our Charity Page and get your donations matched by DreamHost!

So far we have 14 donations to CCC for a grand total of $333.32 and 33 donations to the WWF for $814.21. Let’s pump those number UP..

I’ll say!

This was posted yesterday, so the charity choice is changing today. As of 6:48 am eastern, it’s still C3 so if you are still a Dreamhost customer, go ahead and click. My account is still active (due to one straggling site) so I clicked in for $20 to get the Dreamhost match.

Months ago, when C3 was still on their server, I wrote in and explained what C3 was about and suggested that they consider featuring the organization as a monthly charity.

I had no idea they did it. They usually mention the charity in their e-newsletter at the beginning of the month. With all the network problems they had, this month’s issue didn’t.

Thanks again, Dreamhost, for helping us make a difference!

Update 10/6/06: yesterday we received a donation for $766.64 from Dreamhost (which includes their match). 🙂