Nokia E62 Smartphone

Yesterday, Eric ditched his Palm Treo 650 for a Nokia E62.

I haven’t played with it much, but from what I have it’s a nice little device.

Does that say “I want to look like a Blackberry (or Motorola Q)” or what? The joystick is a little weird, and I don’t have a clue about getting around the Symbian Smartphone interface. The screen is gorgeous and bright (especially compared to my Cingular 8125).

I would say that I could stack 2 or 3 of his E62s to make one of my 8125. I never thought the 8125 was bulky, but compared to Eric’s thin, little Nokia mine is a heavy brick. Yes, I have new gadget envy. I’ll get over it. I can’t upgrade my phone until August 2007.

I like my slide-out keyboard in theory, but when I’m on the go getting to it is easier said than done. Most of the time, I’ll just write rather than type. And yes, he can sync it to his iBook. His phone is was much less expensive than mine, but mine does WiFi and his doesn’t. He also doesn’t have a camera, which I would consider a selling point. I hardly use mine, and I run the risk of not being able to go certain places with it.

On the negative, I don’t know if I can deal with the Smartphone interface (Symbian or Windows Mobile). I really like the touch screen. I’d miss it going back to a phone that can only be navigated with buttons and joysticks.


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  1. I’d like to read more about Eric’s decision to switch from the Treo, and how he chose the Nokia. Does he discuss it on his blog? Thanks

  2. Ask and you shall receive…

    First off, I wanted an alternative to Palm. As Judi will tell you, it would take bamboo slivers under my fingernails to get me to try a Windows Mobile device. So that left Symbian.

    I also wanted something with bigger keys. On the Treo, I made errors way too often.

    That being said, a Blackberry wasn’t an option, since I needed to sync it back to my iBook and I didn’t want to deal with the 3rd party software. I’m pretty comfortable with the form factor, being tethered to one when I’m on business trips. Apple in general has been good with Nokia iSync support, so…

    I don’t do the level of research that Judi does on these things. A lot of it for me comes down to hand feel. The E62 is solid, not plasticky. It’s also amazingly thin, and the large screen was a big plus. It’s nice to have a decent browser – I ooh’ed and aah’ed when I loaded up the Beaches website. And the keys feel really nice, although putting the #, * and 0 to the right of the other numbers is kinda weird.

    Of course, I also brought a pocketed shirt to see if I could put it in my pocket (yes!).

    Of course, I can now download ringtones, which required 3rd party software on the Treo (have I said how much I hate 3rd party software to do things that are built-in elsewhere?). The “Ask a Ninja” theme song is already my default ring tone – I am Ninja!

    Now, the downsides: I am not thrilled about not having WiFi. Given that the E61 has it, I have to wonder why Cingular wanted it removed (cost, perhaps?), especially given that Judi’s 8125 has it.

    And, how could Cingular bring out the phone without offering cases of ANY KIND day 1? I had to buy a leather holster case (my preferred kind) on eBay. In the meantime, the screen protector is the only protection I have.

    Still, so far so good.

  3. Hey, I just got my E62 last week. and I have been very pleased with the phone. I wanted to know how did you get the E62 to sync to your mac. Is there any special software and or did Apple finally release a script for isync.


  4. I am also very interested in how the E62 syncs with a mac, as I see the plug in that is just on the market and it looks like the best phone that mac/syncs offered by Cingular. I’d love to know, or be pointed to a resource that can fill me in on the details. Many thanks.

  5. The more you wait, the more solutions there are out there….

    Nova Media has a plugin for 10 Euros at (haven’t tried that one).

    I used the one at, which I found through this site:

    However, I had to edit one of the files to make it work (basically changing E61 to E62 in a bunch of places).

    Works just fine. I’d probably like it better if it worked via the USB as well as the Bluetooth.