Refreshing end to the story

My heart went out to the poor woman in Missouri who was attacked and had her newborn baby taken from her, in her home. I couldn’t imagine the horror that family was going through.

Yesterday, I was listening to CNN in my car (XM radio) and the reporter was trying very, very hard to get someone in authority to say that the family were suspects. They were analyzing every word of police statements, hinting that a subtle change in what an officer said at the beginning compared to what he said recently indicated that the focus had shifted to the parents. The father apparently went through a lie detector test, a fact that the reporter mentioned at least 3 times. To be honest, I didn’t even think about the fact that the parents could be involved until CNN fed the idea into my head. What happened to just reporting the story?

So now it’s wonderful to read that the baby was found alive and unharmed and she was returned to her loving parents. The mother was telling the truth. Imagine that.


One response to “Refreshing end to the story”

  1. Even our local paper has taken up this attitude, the need to spin and interpret the story for you. Journalism as we knew it is gone, it’s all opinion now, even if they don’t label it as such.