Great flight attendant announcement

“If it slithers, whithers, or drips, you can’t bring it on the plane.”

I’m here at BWI (Baltimore) waiting for my flight to Fort Lauderdale which leaves in about 2 hours. I’ve been here for the past 90 minutes or so. I’m sitting next to a power outlet and the wifi is steady and fast. My idea of heaven.

Mind you, the wifi is not free, and that’s just fine with me. $6.95 for the 3+ hours I have to use it is okay, as long as the connection is stable. The hotel had free wired Internet in all the rooms and it was painfully slow, the point of being near unusable. I called tech support and they blamed it on the number of folks who were online. Not sure I buy that considering the fact that one morning I got up at around 5 am and hopped on and it was still dog slow. Folks may disagree, but I’d rather pay the $9.95 per day for Internet access I can count on, than get something for free that’s crap. The best hotels, IMO, have free Internet and are within spitting distance of a Tmobile or Wayport hotspot.