Our movie week

So what do Eric and I do when we have consecutive evenings without the kids? We go to the movies! The kids were gone five nights and we saw 3 movies. The first was Devil Wears Prada. I’m amazed it was still in the theater. Cute movie. Predictable. All I want to know is how this girl afforded all the gorgeous clothes on her salary. As far as I know, you just don’t get that many samples when you’re working as an assistant at a magazine. At least the good stuff. I did an internship at Family Circle magazine in 1989, and the only thing I got was free lunch out of the test kitchen.

Next we saw World Trade Center. Can you get two more different movies? If it was just a movie about two guys trapped somewhere, it would have been like, “so what?” But I found that my own memories were mixing with what I saw on the screen and it made it very emotional to watch. Nicolas Cage was very good. I don’t think it was “too soon” for this movie, since it wasn’t exploitive at all. It was simply a tribute to these guys and their families. Heavy-handed as it was.

Last night we saw Little Miss Sunshine. Very good movie. Excellent character study. In the beginning, you looked at these peoples like they were nuts. But by the end it was the rest of the world that appeared to be crazy, and they were the most normal people that you you could meet.


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  1. Hi Judi!

    The Devil Wears Prada … the movie was okay but the book has been a very very long time favourite! It’s fabulous!!!! Read it!!! Yes, they did get all the crazy designed clothes from “The Closet” – not a penny paid for any. I think they refer to it as one of the most “highly perked job” in NYC.

    More than you wanted to know?


  2. Ha, Kimberly! Wouldn’t you know that I picked up the book last week and I’m about 3/4 of the way through it. Fun read!